Work Requiring a Building Permit

Approval is required by the Historic Preservation Commission, prior to obtaining a permit through the Building Division, for any work that is proposed at a property that is designated as a Historic Landmark or is located within a Historic District when that work is visible from the public right-of-way and requires a building permit.

Applicants are required to submit to the Building Division a complete building permit application packet, including a completed and signed HPC Submittal Form in accordance with the City of Geneva Code - Title 10, Chapter 6.

While some projects require review before the Historic Preservation Commission, many projects are reviewed administratively. Please consult the Permit Review Matrix to determine the level of review required for your proposed project.

Pre-Application Meeting
A pre-application meeting is not required for every type of project. The purpose of the pre-application meeting is to provide direction to the applicant; to review the application process and requirements; and to establish a reasonable timeline for completion of the case.

A pre-application meeting between the applicant and the Preservation Planner is required prior to submitting a completed Historic Landmark or Historic District nomination form.

A pre-application meeting is suggested if an applicant is unclear whether or not a proposed project meets all regulations and requirements of the City of Geneva Code.

A pre-application meeting is not required if an applicant is reasonably confident that a proposed project meets all regulations and requirements of the City of Geneva Code

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