Geneva Sex Offenders

The Registered Sex Offenders who live in Geneva   

Caruso, Andrew J.

500 S. Third St.
Geneva, IL
D.O.B. 07-19-81
Possession of Child Pornography

Reschke, Gary J.

3102 Larrabee Drive
Geneva, IL
D.O.B. 11-17-54
Aggravated Possession of Child Pornography

Rincon, Christian H.

226 Longview Drive
Geneva, IL
D.O.B. 08-08-99
Criminal Sexual Abuse - < 5 Years Older Than Victim

Wilson, Homer J.

1020 Lewis Road
Geneva, IL
D.O.B. 11-09-52
Attempted Criminal Sexual Abuse


This list can change daily and the information contained within is accurate from the date of its release.

For pictures and more information go to the Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registration website.