Water Division Operations

Water Supply and Treatment
The Division of Water Supply and Treatment is dedicated to supplying high quality drinking water for the City of Geneva as well as providing a constant supply of water for our Fire Department. Additional operations include water meter management, water meter reading, well and water tower maintenance. Learn more about our water supply and treatment process.

Water and Sewer Maintenance
The Division of Water and Sewer Maintenance responds to infrastructure emergencies and regular maintenance of the water distribution system, sanitary collection system, storm water collection system, as well as J.U.L.I.E. locating duties. Staff is committed to providing customers with high quality service and dependability.

Wastewater Treatment
The Divsion of Wastewater Treatment takes personal pride in treating wastewater with the purpose of protecting and enhancing the environment. Compliance with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency permit regulations, including Industrial Pretreatment Monitoring, is the cornerstone of the operations. Learn more about our wastewater treatment process.