Water & Sewer

The Water and Wastewater Divisions includes the Divisions of Water Treatment and Supply, Wastewater Treatment, and Water and Sewer Maintenance.

The Division is responsible for providing reliable, high-quality drinking water, wastewater treatment-related services that are protective of customer health and safety, and maintaining 100% compliance with state and federal standards all at the most economical price obtainable.

The City's Water Division serves about 7,300 residential, 730 commercial, 31 industrial, and 40 governmental customers.

Irrigation / Backflow Device Information

As a reminder, business lawn irrigation and fire protection fees will be assessed on the utility bills Oct. 15 to Nov. 6 annually. Read more about cross connection fees for more information.

Your irrigation test results should be submitted to Aqua backflow. If you have questions about the process, please call our office at 630-232-1551 or Aqua Backflow at 866-777-2124. Please see the cross connection control notice for more information.

Please be advised that a $15 yearly administration fee for residential lawn irrigation systems will be automatically added to your May utility bill. The City of Geneva has reduced this by $10 per year to accommodate charges that your plumber will now be assessed to report your results to Aqua Backflow.

If you chose not to utilize your irrigation system, a temporary removal form must be completed and submitted annually. Follow the instructions and submit your completed form, along with a photo of your device which shows that your device is not installed, to Aqua Backflow at info@aquabackflow.com, or by U.S. mail to Aqua Backflow's address (located on the form).