Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment Plant
The new City of Geneva Water Treatment Facility was completed in 2008. The $24 million project was primarily financed with low interest
loans through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. History of Water Treatment Plant
To meet the future needs of the community, an investment was made in the best municipal treatment technology available, Reverse Osmosis. Reverse osmosis will meet the current drinking water regulations as well as any future regulations.

Prior to 2008 deep and shallow well water was treated for iron and manganese, disinfected and sent to the distribution system with a very high hardness level. Now, roughly 85 percent of the deep and shallow well water is treated by reverse osmosis, with the other 15 percent blended in the final product to go into the distribution system.

The Water Treatment Facility produces final drinking water at a hardness of 5 to 7 grains, which allows residents, commercial accounts and industries to reduce or eliminate the need for additional treatment equipment like water softeners.

For any other information about the Water Treatment Plant, contact the Water Department at 630-232-1551. Click Yearly water quality ( CCR) to view the current water quality report. Please notice the current report represents the data from the previous year. Reports are posted no later than June of each year.