Water Service Line Survey

Water Service Line Survey Map Opens in new windowThe City of Geneva has developed an interactive water service line map and survey (the map may take a few extra seconds to load based on your device and internet connection) to show and collect water service line material information for customers, in accordance with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

The City has historic data for water service lines that derive from maintenance records and service inspections. In some locations, City staff has verified the pipe material by visual observation. Other information is based on historic data or customer records, some of which have not been confirmed.

Because the details provided on the map are limited to the best available data in the City's possession at this time, some information may not be accurate. That is why we need your help.

Help Us Update Our Records

The Geneva Public Works Department will be distributing door hangers to about 500 residential customers throughout 2023.

The door hanger will notify residents to contact Public Works to schedule an appointment for City staff to identify the service line material. Appointments can be made by contacting the Public Works Water Division by phone at 630-232-1551 or by sending an email. No City employee will enter a home without the resident scheduling an appointment.

Public Works employees will be wearing City of Geneva attire, carrying City IDs, and driving marked City vehicles while distributing door hangers and attending scheduled residential appointments.

Residents who are knowledgeable in determining the service line material can call Public Works to report the necessary information over the phone or submit details online without the need for an appointment.

Residents also can send a photo via email of their water service line entering the property near their water meter. If Public Works cannot identify the service line material from the photo, an appointment will be necessary.