Site Plan Review

Site plan review and approval is required to ensure the use and development of land, as authorized under the zoning ordinance, is undertaken in a proper manner. This could include furthering public health, safety and welfare and making adequate provisions for assuring the availability of appropriate public and private services and amenities, and for minimizing the adverse effects of such development.

The use of site plan review is also intended to prevent deterioration of the function, character and appearance of the City; provide a favorable environment for residents and businesses; and protect property values within Geneva.

Conditions of approval may be placed on-site plan approvals to ensure any negative impacts associated with the development are mitigated or eliminated. Site plan approval is required for multiple-family and non-residential development under the following intended situations:

  • Any new principal structure (or complete redevelopment of any site) or the use of land for non-residential purposes.
  • Where an existing principal structure erected prior to the date of adoption of this title is proposed to be expanded, for which the sum total of gross floor area expansion(s) since the date of this title are equal to or greater than 25 percent of the total gross floor area of said structure.
  • With any new or modified building and/or site improvements for a zoning lot that has previously received site plan approval under this title, reapproval of the development is required for components of the project which depart from the approved site plan.
  • A site plan shall not be required exclusively as a change of use except where such change of use results in increased off-street parking requirements that cannot currently be met on the site.
  • A site plan shall be required along with any application for a special use permit or a special use permit amendment for any non-residential or multi-family development.

Site Plan Review Application