Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The City of Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan establishes goals, objectives and policies for the future of the community as well as long-range recommendations for land use, transportation and community facilities.

The Comprehensive Plan is an important tool which sets the foundation for future decision making regarding land use and development. It is intended to be used as a policy guide and to be flexible and adaptive over time. Nevertheless, the Comprehensive Plan is not a static document and may require amendments in order to ensure that it addresses the changing needs and goals of the community.

The most common petitions to amend the Comprehensive Plan are requests to change a property’s land-use classification on the Land-Use Plan. Such requests typically occur because the original classification was issued in error (a mature and stable residential neighborhood was classified as commercial) or because the current classification is not consistent with a petitioner’s request for a zoning map amendment.

An amendment to the Comprehensive Plan may be initiated by the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission or any person having a legal interest in the property. 

Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Application