Plat of Subdivision, Preliminary

The subdivision process ensures that a project on a legally subdivided lot has proper space for certain kinds of development as well as the required utility easements and roadways.

Specific subdivision considerations include the shape of a site, lot and/or tract size, circulation, street layout, drainage and grading, and floodplain concerns. In addition, subdivision projects are reviewed to address any environmental concerns that may arise.

These include water quality, tree, vegetation and habitat maintenance and the protection of critical environmental features. Utilities are also planned for in the subdivision process. These considerations include the extension of transmission lines and distribution of water and wastewater lines.

The aforementioned items are addressed through the preliminary plat of subdivision process, which all subdivisions within the City of Geneva are required to follow. In addition, the City has jurisdictional review over all subdivisions within the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (within 1.5 miles of the City limits).

Plat of Subdivision, Preliminary Application