About the Electric System

The City has owned and operated a Municipal Electric Distribution System since 1896. The City operates the system without competition from other suppliers or distributors of electrical power. The system is not subject to regulation by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

The City's electric system is inter-connected to the Commonwealth Edison's (ComEd) 34.5 kV sub-transmission system in seven locations, which include the South Street, Peyton Street, Keslinger Road, Delnor, Western Avenue, East Side Drive and the Geneva Business Park substations. The City's distribution system voltage is 12.47 kV.

The City owns and operates a 30 MW natural gas peaking power plant consisting of five reciprocating engine/generators. The power plant is located within the corporate limits of the City, and is interconnected with the City's distribution system. The City's power plant is economically dispatched based upon day-ahead market prices. This procedure reduces the City's purchased power costs, transmission and capacity costs from the regional transmission provider PJM.

The City has several multi-year Power Sales Agreements:
  • The first is with WMRE, a landfill gas generator, located within its corporate limits. It provides about 10 percent of the City's energy requirements.
  • The second is with NextEra Energy Power Marketing, LLC which begins on Jan. 1, 2014 and ending Dec. 31, 2024. It will provide about 30 percent of the City's energy requirements.
  • Lastly, the City is a member of, and has a Power Sales Agreement with, Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency (NIMPA). NIMPA owns 7.6 percent of Prairie State Generating Company (PSGC). NIMPA provides about 60 percent of the City's energy requirements.