Cross Connection Fees

Fee Structure for Fire Service and Lawn irrigation

All business accounts with fire protection backflow assembles will be billed as follows. If your fire service line (per building, not per device) is:

¾-inch to 6-inches yearly fee: $90
Greater than 6” yearly fee: $180

Fees are assessed on the actual utility account in October. The City will bill the current occupant. If the utility account is occupied by a tenant, the tenant and land lord will be responsible to determine who will be accountable for the fees.

All business accounts with lawn irrigation systems will be billed in October and will appear on the utility bill at the same time your fire service fees are assessed. Due to the outsourcing of the program to Aqua Backflow, the administration fee has been reduced from $25 to $15.

The fee is assessed to all residential irrigation customers will be assessed on their May-June utility bills.

If you have any questions, please contact the Water Division at 630-232-1551.