Cross Connection Fees

Starting in 2023, the City will be assessing cross-connection fees monthly instead of annually for customers who have lawn irrigation, fire suppression systems or other backflow devices.

Customers will be assessed $2 per month on their utility bills instead of one annual fee.

All business accounts with fire protection backflow assemblies will be billed as follows. If a fire service line (per building, not per device) is:

3/4-inch to 6 inches annual fee$7.50 per month
Greater than 6 inches annual fee$15 per month

The City will bill the current occupant. If a tenant occupies the utility account, the tenant and landlord will be responsible for determining who will be accountable for the fees.

Questions can be directed to the City's Water Division at 630-232-1551.

Third-Party Fee

Aqua Backflow, the City's third-party cross-connection program administrator, will continue to charge an annual administration fee to customers.